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The Troventum project was launched


The Troventum project was launched


The Troventum project was launched at the annual Moscow International Recycling Expo 2018 at the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow March 28.

The core team and founders presented the Troventum project on the main stage during the conference, and continued the discussions at Troventum’s own stand. Since this subject is trending, and many problems of the recycling industry remain unresolved. The Troventum team has outlined the new possibilities and the real benefits of recycling to the visitors: more transparent payment and delivery, validation of platform participants, growth of general industry liquidity, and consumer motivation for collecting materials for recycling.

Trust us: this is a very urgent problem for both people and organizations. Troventum founders explained that it is entirely possible to regain trust between consumers and corporations, especially between different countries. Troventum will resolve this problem.



We heard also an interview with Japan-based large Trading organization, with it’s president Mr. Nakamura, please see this interview:


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