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Troventum launches Ecomining


Troventum launches Ecomining


On September 10, 2018 at the EuRIC International Conference in Berlin, Troventum revealed its MVP, demonstrating the application of innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies in unprocessed waste collection and recycling for the first time in history.

In front of the amazed audience, our team, for the first time ever, had clearly demonstrated the possibility of receiving waste for recycling and pay for it online using cryptocurrency. With no banks or intermediaries involved and with minimal transaction expenditures. The first transaction was conducted using Ether cryptocurrency. In future, settlements will be available with Troventum platform’s TVM tokens (ERC-20), bonus points and with classic fiat currencies.

Reception of unrecycled waste through Recycler OS is a new-generation technological solution for both individual collectors from developing countries and for major enterprises, collection companies with billion-dollar turnovers and thousands of employees. Our project has enormous social and environmental impact potential, and simultaneously resolves several UN sustainable development goals. This is a practical illustration of use of blockchain technology in order to solve global environmental problems for the benefit of the entire Planet.

Recycler OS is the first of four modules of the Troventum online platform. This software is intended for recyclers and secondary waste collection companies (metal, plastic, paper, etc.) and allows to accept waste for recycling and record the information regarding the supplier and the amount and type of waste accepted in the Ethereum blockchain.

Settlements with the supplier can be conducted both in fiat money and Ether tokens (ETH), as well as in other cryptocurrencies.

In the near future, we will identify our partner companies among recyclers. Our initial partners will receive the basic version of Recycler OS, and share the extended set of future functions free of charge.

There is still time to join the testing and become an early adopter of blockchain technology within the industry.

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