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The aim of the Troventum project is the global reduction of the amount of non-recycled waste, an improvement in recycling quality, secondary use of critical natural resources and the establishment of conditions for the switch of the waste processing industry to an innovative development path.

Creation of the blockchain-based Troventum platform will allow to propel waste recycling to an entirely new level – by organizing a cyclical management system based on the digital transformation of the economy. It is a global solution for the problems of the currently stagnant recycling industry.


The first product Recycler OS (MVP)

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The Troventum platform project will allow to resolve the majority of worldwide issues of the waste processing industry:

  • – Difficulties of organizing waste collection and its low efficiency;
  • – Insufficient consumer motivation for waste collection;
  • – Shortage of raw materials at waste processing enterprises due to low collection efficiency;
  • – Unprofitability of collection of certain types of waste;
  • – Low recycling efficiency at enterprises;
  • – Bureaucratization of the industry;
  • – Limited transparency of recycling-related information;
  • – Climate of general distrust within the industry.

Troventum unites

The Troventum platform will establish the conditions required for setting up a collection system capable of providing a continuous stream of recycled waste for subsequent processing. It was made possible by uniting all the participants of the consumer goods lifecycle within an integrated digital platform, utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

There are 7 billion potential platform members – the entire population of the 180 countries on the planet Earth.

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