Troventum Platform

The aim of the Troventum project is the global reduction of the amount of non-recycled waste, an improvement in recycling quality, secondary use of critical natural resources and the establishment of conditions for the switch of the waste processing industry to an innovative development path.

Creation of the blockchain-based Troventum platform will allow to propel waste recycling to an entirely new level – by organizing a cyclical management system based on the digital transformation of the economy. It is a global solution for the problems of the currently stagnant recycling industry.

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  • 2017



  • 2018 Q1



    Proving the concept can work

  • 2018 Q1


    Public presentation

    The project was presented at the annual Moscow International Recycling Expo 2018

  • 2018 Q2


    Seed & MVP

    First round of direct investment and start of MVP development

  • 2018 Q3



    Pre-ICO with pilot project

  • 2018 Q4



    ICO with international scalable solution

  • 2019 Q1


    Continuous asset-backed token sale

  • 2019 Q2


    International expansion

    International expansion & consortium formation

  • 2019 Q3


    Platform upgrade




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Executive Team

  • German Lalayan

    Co-founder, President of GC MAGLUG

  • Sergey Aryamov


  • Victor Kovshevny

    Adviser, Head of NP NSRO RUSLOM.COM

  • Nikolay Lisin

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ivan Kalishevich

    International Relations

  • Jukka Multisilta

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Viktor Bryzgalov

    Chief Technical Officer

  • Kati Aronson

    Business Development

  • Wintom Zecarias

    Consumer behaviour specialist

  • Vladimir Bobrov

    Blockchain architector, senior developer

  • Dmitry Morsky

    Blockchain senior developer

  • Polina Sazonova

    Blockchain expert

  • Matvey Slipachenko

    Blockchain & system analyst

  • Advisers

  • Viktor Hefeli


  • Alex Shtern

    FinTech Adviser

  • Andrei Zelenin

    Legal Adviser