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Recycler OS Demo is available


Recycler OS Demo is available


Solving the problem of waste has recently become one of the the major topics. In many countries and regions the issue of waste disposal has become paramount, as the authorities were not prepared for the amount of waste accumulated over the decades, which continues to be generated by the population every day.

The problem of waste is global, solution for which lies in combining efforts, exchanging experience and introducing innovative technologies. One such technology could be the international project Troventum. As an initial module, a set of programs for collectors of waste to be recycled (PC version and Android application) has been implemented.

The finished product is planned to be installed at the collection points of sorted waste for its accounting (European classification is included), settlements with suppliers and the subsequent transfer of accumulated raw materials into the hands of recyclers. The program allows you to integrate various payment methods with waste suppliers and already supports cryptocurrency payments, implementing the concept of eco-mining. You hand over waste for processing - and get a cryptocurrency in return.

Applications are currently accepted for product testing in the real-world conditions, aimed at technical and legal adaptation, based on requirements of various countries.

On January 15, 2019, Troventum shared a first product of the platform with the public. Using the demo version, you can familiarise yourself with the interface and even make a payment using cryptocurrency for a sample type of waste (in the Ethereum test network).

Demo version: demo.troventum.com
For cooperation and/or to apply for testing: info@troventum.com

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