Motivating consumers to gather and turn in waste is one of the most important tasks.

“Save money, earn a profit, save the planet”

The bonus system is the embodiment of the circular economy component of the Troventum platform, primarily focused on the consumers.

The system establishes and provides best profit options for the participants, based on their location and lifestyle. It is designed to engage millions of people all around the world with the system, along with numerous goods and service suppliers.

The system profits can be subdivided into three subsystems:

Purchase subsystem

Cashback savings from purchases made to the system’s member account, with subsequent transfer to a bank card, or directly to a bank card (co-branded); discounts (on goods and services offered by the system’s partners)

Bonus subsystem

Earning bonuses to the system’s member account or in cryptocurrencies (in countries where such transactions are allowed).

Environmental foundation

Implementation of consumers’ social responsibility via direct financing of the Troventum foundation, which aims to develop environmental projects.



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